Audio and Music Services

We offer a variety of audio and music services. Our team of audio engineers and programming specialists can make your dreams a reality.
With years of experience our experts are sure to take your sound to the next level. Find out what Online Opportunities and Outreach can do for you and your music.

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Need instrumentals or beats? OOO Beats is our specialized production division ran by our audio engineers. We offer exclusive instrumentals starting at just $100. Leasing non-exclusives starts at just $10. We do any genre productions with custom orders available.


Got bars? Got beats? Got groove? Your music needs to have an industry standard of quality. Our audio engineers have experience in dozens of genres and take your track from a great song to a hit song! Masters start at $25.


Produce music? Need a professional mixdown? We can mix your stems to equivalent levels of industry standard tracks. Our engineers have experience mixing in multiple genres from Rock to EDM. Mixes start at just $40 and we offer Mix and Master packages starting at just $60.

Sound Design

Produce movies, videos, or games? Need custom sounds to fit your production? Our audio engineers have the ability to create custom sounds from scratch. Our engineers will produce the soundtrack for your entire video game or movie. Contact us regarding individualized needs.